Sleepy Cats But Ready For Adoption

Posted August 15th, 2012 by Jess

We here at Kitty Harbor have been getting ready for this weekend’s adoptions. Twenty five kittens came in last week to make a total of 60 kittens available for adoption and 20 adults. We’re bursting at the seams! In the month of June we placed over 90 cats and kittens. And in July, that number was 138 — a new record! Great job everyone! Well, on to photos of the new arrivals. We’ll see you this weekend, Saturday and Sunday from noon until 6pm for adoptions!

Cat nests are for praising the lawd, apparently.

Athena likes to lounge around and has to be one of the friendliest cats we have right now for adoption.

Buffy wants nothing more than a loving family.

Carrot Top enjoys time in the kitten cave.

Nap time is very important around here.

This little beauty named Calla had us in stitches.

Duster was mid-bath when we snapped this pic.

Grace is just divine and looks forward to purring next to you.

Come give Chocolate a try — she’s so sweet.

Riggs will be waiting right here for you.

Patchwell was just trying to mimic the statue!

Darla couldn’t be bothered for the photo session — too sleepy!

Whiting doesn’t like to wake up too early.

Neither does Whitewall.

Yes, it’s still nap time.

Many kittens have been trying to beat the heat by chilling next to the fan.

Ben is a beauitful Bengal cat around 4 years old who needs to be indoor/outdoor.

Oh, there’s Carrot Top again! Still cute.

4 Responses to “Sleepy Cats But Ready For Adoption”

  1. Michelle says:

    All these cats are so beautiful/handsome! I hope they all get homes soon! Makes me want to adopt all of them but I already have cats. They are simply adorable!

  2. Maude says:

    We are in total love with the kitten we adopted last Saturday from Kitty Harbor – what a wonderful place – we wanted every kitten/cat there! Henry (aka Fluffy) a sweet yellow tabby is doing quite well in his new home! Thanks for such a great experience.

  3. Gina says:

    Ben, the bengal, is an amazing beauty that is best appreciated in person. Not even this amazing photographer can capture his gorgeousness as it truly is. He’s large, his personality is large, and he is so sweet.

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