Kitty Harbor is a non-profit, volunteer-only, rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption facility for homeless and abandoned cats and kittens. You can find Kitty Harbor in West Seattle at 3422 Harbor Avenue SW and reach us by phone at (206) 935-1919 or e-mail Open hours are Saturday and Sunday from 12pm - 6pm during adoption season, which lasts from June to December.

Final adoption event of this season is this weekend – Jan 18th & 19th!

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Our final adoption event of the season is this weekend, January 18th & 19th! We will be open for adoptions both Saturday & Sunday from 12-6pm.

Prevent Homeless Pets Rescue is coming in and bringing 40+ cats and kittens. Here are some of the kitties who will be available for adoption this weekend. All of these kitties are looking for their new forever homes this weekend!

Garfield - long haired orange tabby, young adult.

Garfield – long haired orange tabby, young adult.

Tabitha and Sasha are the tortie and dilute calico kittens, they are 5 months old.

Tabitha and Sasha are the tortie and dilute calico kittens, they are 5 months old.

Olive is a 1 yr old black short haired female.

Olive is a 1 yr old black short haired female.

Still Open Until January 18th!

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Kitty Harbor will be closing for the season on Saturday, January 18th. Late December, we had over 30 kittens brought in after being fostered, they were too young to bring in before then. Because of all the foster kittens that came in, we will be open for adoptions the next 3 Saturdays from 12-6pm (January 4th, January 11th & January 18th). We are also doing some adoptions by appointment. If you are interested in setting up an appointment to adopt a cat or kitten, please call 206.935.1919. Thank you!!

Kitty Harbor Open December 28th!

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Due to a large number of kittens coming in from fosters homes very late in the season, we will be open for an SPECIAL ADOPTION DAY Saturday December 28th from noon until 6. We have over 30 kittens and a few young adult cats that need to be adopted to good homes. Please help us spread the word and let’s get these final kitties adopted! We can’t wait to see you at Kitty Harbor on Saturday at noon!

The Final Adoption Weekend Of The Season!

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You heard it right, folks, the weekend of December 21st is the final adoption weekend of the season! If you’ve been waiting to find that furry friend for your family, the time is NOW! Saturday and Sunday from noon until 6pm and that’s it until the Spring. We have 30 kittens and 20 adults and teenagers that still need homes. We’ll see you this weekend for adoptions! Here are photos of those looking for homes:

**Update: Though we had a good day placing 18 kitties today, we still have 9 adults, 6 teens and 27 kittens for adoption Sunday. Please spread the word and come down for adoptions tomorrow, Sunday the 22nd!

Black fuzzy-1-900px

Blue Tuxedo-900px

Bonded kitties-20-900px

Grey fuzzy kitten-2-900px

Kitty Closeup-900px

Black kitty-1-900px

Adoption Weekend December 7th

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Folks, there aren’t many adoption weekends left! Time is running out to find your new furry family member so make sure you come to Kitty Harbor this weekend to adopt. As usual we are open for adoptions Saturday and Sunday from noon until 6pm. Here are photos of those looking for homes:

This is Mia. Instead of getting gifts for her birthday she decided to collect money and donate it to Kitty Harbor. In all she raised $260, incredible! Folks, Mia is one selfless little girl and we appreciate her donation so much!

Babypants can’t wait to meet you this weekend.

There’s always time to play with string at Kitty Harbor.

We have a few beautiful gray kitties up for adoption.

Grayson has some extra toes and extra love.

A baby kitten rests in a cat nest.

Anthro is glaring because you didn’t come to adopt.

Pebette will be waiting for you.

Wire Brush Tail needs to meet you now!

It’s nap time!

White fur + pink nose = adorable

We’ll see you this weekend!

Adoption Weekend Nov 30

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Just a note that we are OPEN this weekend for adoptions! There are over 60 kittens and 20 adults looking for a home. And over a dozen kitties have extra toes! Come on down to Kitty Harbor on Saturday or Sunday to adopt!

Adoption Weekend Nov 23rd

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This weekend here at Kitty Harbor we have many many cats and kittens up for adoption. In fact, we just got 30 new kitties in this week who are all looking for great homes. There are polydactyl cats, Maine coons, tux, calico, you name it. Remember to come in for adoptions this weekend from noon until 6pm. We’ll see you there! And here are photos of just a few of those up for adoption:

Rocky is a WONDERFULLY affectionate purrbox who is special in many ways. Only four months ago, he was a newly born kitten due to be euthanized after being born with muscle coordination problems. (His mother received a distemper vaccination during her pregnancy, which resulted in most of the litter dying shortly after birth. Rocky’s eye had to be removed due to damage from infection.) Although he has no trouble at all using the litter box, he wobbles and scoots from place to place rather than walking. He LOVES being held, and is one of the smartest and most affectionate cats that you will ever meet. His only requirement is that he live on a single floor home where he doesn’t have to worry about falling down the stairs (remember, this is a very tipsy kitty!)

Maine Man will greet you when you arrive at Kitty Harbor.

The excitement is palpable for adoptions this weekend.

The feather toy gets lots of play here at the shelter.

Butterscotch was adopted last weekend!

Knight will warm your heart and your lap.


Amber will be waiting for you.

There’s always time for being silly when you’re a kitty.

Reach out and touch someone… someone who will adopt you!

It’s always nap time here @ Kitty Harbor.

No really, it’s always nap time!

The cat nests are usually full here.

Kayla has been declawed and needs a special home with only hardwood floors and no rugs.

Adoption Weekend September 7th

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This weekend we have over 65 cats looking for homes and we hope you’ll come down to Kitty Harbor and find you new family member. There are many orange tabbies as well as black and white tuxedo cats. As usual we are open for adoptions Saturday and Sunday from noon until 6pm. Here are photos of those looking for homes:

Peaches came to us as a victim of domestic violence. In the home where the girlfriend was stabbed, Peaches was beaten and kicked with her hind leg badly broken. This required surgery to repair and Dr. Mike at Selha did an amazing job setting pins in the bone and at a discount. Peaches is now doing well and we expect a full recovery without future issues. She will need one more sugery to remove the pin from her separated bones and we are seeking donation to offset the cost.

Gerald was on death row at a shelter in Spokane but was adopted today at Kitty Harbor!

Snowflake is looking for a home.

A little girl found a friend @ Kitty Harbor.

Oscar is very friendly and looking for a family.

It’s all in the eyes.

Willard knows just how to pose for the camera.

Sunbeams are a perfect place for a cat nap.

Cat trees are also pretty good for cat naps.

Lonni with the long legs is still looking for the right situation.

Pick me, pick me!

Adoption Weekend August 24th

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We can’t wait to see you all for adoptions this weekend. If you come in to find your new furry family member, you’ll find just about every color and personality that will fit your family. As usual we are open for adoptions Saturday and Sunday from noon until 6pm. Here are photos of those looking for perma-homes:

Reggie will see you this weekend @ adoptions!

Tubba will be playing with the other kittens.

Cat toy, pillow… what’s the diff?

Wanda Sue has huge personality for such a little kitten.

Every kitten needs a little lounging time.

OJ catches a quick cat nap behind the fan.

Nighty Night will greet you with open paws.

You know what they say… orange tabbies have the biggest personality.

McTavish knows you want to take him home.

Grayson needed some z’s.

Stony has been getting along great with fellow littermates.

Tubba knows how to pose.

Winky gets along fine with just one eye.

Just helping with the scooping!

What? That wasn’t helpful?

Copper Canyon knows just the way to your heart.

It’s rest time… again.

Black Cat Appreciation Weekend

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Saturday the 17th is Black Cat Appreciation Day where our adoptable black cats are going to be decked out in their finest neck-wear accessories and struttin’ on the catwalk. If you adopt a black cat or kitten that day, the adoption fee will be half, yes, half of our usual adoption fee! There are about 20 black or mostly black kitties up for adoption this weekend and 60 of all colors and ages. We can’t wait to see you this weekend and we think you’ll love these wonderful black kitties all dressed up for their very special day. Once again we are open for adoptions Saturday and Sunday from noon until 6pm. Looking forward to seeing you!

Ozzie will be dressed to the nines this weekend!

Ebony is so beautiful and she knows it.

Pirate is ready for Black Cat Appreciation Day.

Sox knows how to rock the tie just fine.

Tarmac loves to play chase the kitten toy.

Tortie… close enough!

Ozzie is just too cute, don’t you think?

We have plenty of other kitties that also need homes this weekend, like Toby.

Kitty Harbor volunteer Melody cares for an orange baby.

This little tabby named Buttons is ready to go home with you.

Buffy wants to know where you are and when you’re coming to adopt…

Mira needs lots of hugs and warmth.

O.J. is one of the friendliest kitties we’ve seen in a while.


The message here is: Come to Black Cat Appreciation Day!

That’s right, half off the donation of black kitties!

Orange kitties need ties too!

What kitten doesn’t like lounging in the sun?