Labor Day Cats For Adoption

Posted August 27th, 2012 by Jess

This coming weekend is Labor Day Weekend and the cats and kittens at Kitty Harbor will be working extra hard to join your family. So come on down to Harbor Ave and find a new family member. We will be open Saturday from noon until 6pm! See you then.

Whiting just hanging out on the cat tree.

Chaplin is very playful and loves to snuggle.

Uriah the flame point Siamese is a little wild.

Raggedy and Anne will win your heart for sure.

Isn’t Gosling sweet?

Chubbles is hoping to find a loving family.

This basket full of kittens is going into foster care until they’re old enough to be adopted.

Buffy is sitting there just waiting for you.

Tubbette has no problem finding the chow dish!

Uriah fell asleep again.

Gorky enjoys string toys and treats.

This 60′s influenced cat bed gets a lot of use.

There’s Gorky showing some sass.

Garfunkle loves to be held.

As you can tell, Carrot Top is a real angel.

Garcia enjoying a cat nest.

Knight took a nap again.

Uriah really likes to be photographed!

Dakota is one of the best groomers at the shelter.

4 Responses to “Labor Day Cats For Adoption”

  1. brittany says:

    Is Whiting a female?

  2. Cailley says:

    What gender are Uriah and Whiting? I have a female one year old kitten and would love to adopt a male kitten for a play mate(heard they get along better than female with female). Thanks!

  3. Bridget Eisler says:

    Hi we will see you first thing tomorrow, really would like to check out and see if they bound with us the two rag-doll Kittens.

    Thank you so much,


  4. naomi lasco says:

    my cat had died i miss him so much his name was mr. kat he was a kitten about 1sh miss xoxoxoxoxoxoxo rip mr. kat

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