Halloween Weekend Update

Posted October 23rd, 2012 by Jess

We’re happy to report that we did 20 adoptions last weekend. Thanks to everyone who stopped in to find a new family member! Let’s try to beat that number with great homes this coming weekend. Once again we will be open for adoptions Saturday and Sunday from noon until 6pm. See you at Kitty Harbor! Here’s a roundup of the cats and kittens that are now looking for homes:

Parsnip is a very expressive cat.

Waverly takes a quick cat nap.

Garth smiles for the camera.

Patches just loves to play with string toys.

Gerald sez: Sorry, this arm is taken.

Raffi is one beautiful siamese.

OJ can’t help but look cute.

Piccolo is waiting to meet you.

Dressy Bessy thinks she’ll take a nap right here. Yep.

Butterbean is proud to be a tabby.

Jewel knows she’s beautiful.

Mufassa can be a little loud at times.

Ezwald hanging by the kitten tree.

Looks like Waverly finally woke up.

Grey is just testing out this pink cat bed.

Dusty is looking for a home with lots of toys.

Virgil can usually be found in this cat bed.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Loved your photos. Thank you for following action with such a generous heart.

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