Adoption Info

As we have mentioned in other sections of this site, Kitty Harbor isn’t a place to simply come and look at cute kittens. Our purpose is to find these cats loving homes, so you should only come to visit us if you’re ready to adopt a cat that day. In order to meet and interact with the kitties, we require that people fill out pre-adoption paperwork before they enter the viewing area. Save time and get to the kitties faster by downloading the paperwork here!

Because we’re devoted to the physical and psychological welfare of our kitties, we have a couple rules we stick firmly to:

  1. We don’t place cats in households that practice declawing. We simply don’t approve of this unnecessary and cruel procedure.
  2. A kitten must have another young feline as a playmate in the household or be adopted in pairs. This is a rule that many people don’t understand at first, but we believe very strongly that the companionship of another cat is crucial to a kitten’s psychological and social development. Adopting more than one cat greatly reduces the chances of getting a “brat cat” and assures a more even tempered, friendly, outgoing personality. Cats that are socially developed (over 9 months old) can be adopted as an only feline in the household.
  3. We do not adopt kittens to households with children under 5 years of age. Kittens are small, fragile, developing beings, and sometimes toddlers can mistake them for toys and inadvertently harm them.
  4. All adopted cats must leave in a carrier. If you don’t bring your own, we have carriers for purchase in our boutique.
  5. We will do random home inspections at our discretion.
  6. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.
  7. We microchip and register every kitty.

YES, THERE’S AN ADOPTION FEE. Some people are surprised to learn upon adoption that we request a donation of $150 for purebred kittens, $125 for kittens, $100 for teenage cats and $75 for adults. We cannot emphasize strongly enough that we’re not “selling” cats, and that we do not make a profit of any kind from these donations. In a perfect world, food, litter, medicine, vaccines, dewormer, flea and mite treatments, spay & neuter surgery, testing for FIV and FeLV, veterinary care, and all the other things that go into taking care of each sick and abandoned kitty until they’re ready to adopted would be free. But in reality, they cost a LOT of money. Please know that with every donation you’re retroactively paying for the weeks of care, feeding, and rehabilitation that made your newest family member the healthy, happy little purring bundle of joy that you’re taking home with you. We accept credit cards, debit cards and cash. Unfortunately, we’re not set up to process checks at this time.

Adoption Donation [pdf]

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