A New Month, New Cats

Posted November 2nd, 2012 by Jess

Folks, it’s the start of November and we’re glad to say things are humming here at Kitty Harbor. With the new month why not stop in to adopt a new family member this weekend? As usual, adoptions are on Saturday and Sunday noon until 6pm. We hope to see you! Here are some candid shots of who is looking for a family.

Bob (now Opie) was adopted last weekend.

Cat naps are a frequent sight at Kitty Harbor.

Slabby was curious about the camera.

How much is that ki-tten in the win-dow?

The middle cat dish is clearly the most delicious.

Virgil looking quite stately.

Herby is a little ball of fluff looking for a new family.

Oh, there’s Bob (Opie) again!

There’s still room in this cat nest for more love!

Well that’s one form of pillow!

It’s important that kittens get plenty of rest.

Parsnip has been in high demand with potential families wanting to adopt.

Roosky will captivate you with those eyes.

Carrot Top found a home but the family was not ready for a senior cat so she is back at Kitty Harbor. Can you help Carrot Top?

Waverly getting a beauty sleep.

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